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2012 Cup Final Day Photos

        Mark Willmore, Luke Houldsworth, Jamie Dell and Danny Mulkeen Jnr celebrating with a bit of Champers!!

Dave Willmore about to smash one of several sixes! As Subby Shah looks on from the none strikers end (not backing up as usual)

Derek (John Smith) Whitehead and Mo Tayab mid discussion about errr Something

Subtain Shah recieving his man of the match award for a fine 135*, With Zero looking on disapointed as he realises theres nothing edible on that table!

Captain Mark Willmore celebrating the cup glory with er someone, think its Jamie :)

Previous Years Championship Winning Teams

2009 Winners

Top Row: M Shahid, W Khan, J Dell, M Tayab, D Ahmed, S Mahmood

Bottom Row: Slim Z Munir, Ginger Danny Mulkeen Jnr??? D Mulkeen, M Willmore

Front Centre: Rauff

2007 Winners

Top Row: M Shahid, W Ali, J Dell, M Tayab, S Shah, D Mulkeen

Bottom Row: S Khan, D Mulkeen Jnr, M Willmore, W Khan, D Ahmed

2006 League Winners and Cup Finalists

Top Row: D Mulkeen, A N Other, Omar, M Tayab, J Dell, S Shah
Front Row: D Mulkeen Jnr, H Khan, M Willmore, S Khan, W Ali

2003 Lancashire Cup Winning Side

Top Row: A Ali, M Tayab, M Willmore, D Faulkner, Kamran, Shazad, D Ahmed

Front Row: D Mulkeen, D Mulkeen Jnr, H Khan, A N Other, J Iqbal