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Double Header Double Victors!

Posted by Dan Jnr on May 7, 2014 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Club had their first double header of the season this weekend, after a good start to the season they were hoping to keep up their 100% record

Blackley (away) Saturday 3rd May

On a mild and sunny day Club won the toss and elected to Bat, despite the soft wicket this looked a good decision as both Mulkeen Snr (37) and David Willmore (35) got themselves settled in straigt away picking up runs at towards 6 an over in an opening partnership of 71, then came the usual flurry of wickets as 71/0 became 71/3 and then 85/4. Mulkeen Jnr (18 ) and Imran (32) smashed some quickfire runs to give the score a hint of respectability, before the tail collapsed away leaving us 145ao

Blackley kept up with the run rate throughout but lost regular wickets due to cracking spells of bowling from Waj Khan 4/46 and Mo Tayab 4/54. Only Arshad put up any top order resistance for the Blackley lineup hitting a cool and collected 28 before picking up an injury which left him imobile, he soon after holed out off the bowling of Khan. Club then reduced Blackley to 71/7 before Potts 39 and Collinge 36 came to the party for them. Picking up runs at a decent rate and never really looking in any danger they pushed the score to 138/7 with 2 overs to go. Then came a big turing point as Mulkeen Jnr managed to bowl Potts and then the new batsman two balls later leaving Blackley 138/9 with 1 over left. With the big hitting Collinge on strike Blackley were still well in it as Mo Tayab ran in to bowl the last. A good ball followed by a refused single put the Blackley men under to much pressure with Collinge being forced to swing hard at a straight one and losing his middle stump!

A Great Win, But a poor batting performance!

Springhead (away) Calverley Cup Round 1  Sunday 4th May

Sundays game turned out to be more of a formality. With Catholic Club once again batting first (on what was described by one extremely experienced player as the worst track he had ever seen, including midweek games on football fields!) there was cause for concern. However steady, if a little boring innings from Mulkeen Snr (27) and Subby Shah (32) weathered the initial tight bowling of Lees and Birkett and allowed the lower order to come out and express themselves with Shahid 63no, Mulkeen Jnr 24, Zero 19 and Imran 15 helping themselves to quickfire runs. This left Club with what looked like a massive score of 199/6.

Springheads innings never really got off to a start, with Waj Khan 2/12 and the outstanding Parvez Hussein 6/19 picking off wicket after wicket they were soon reduced to 34/8 before Lees and Beever provided some stern latter order resistance moving the score to a more respectable 76ao

Westleigh Home

Posted by Dan Jnr on April 27, 2014 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Catholic Club continued their winning start to the season with a 9 wicket victory over Westleigh Meths CC.

Catholic Club won the toss and inserted Westleigh on what was a damp and lively wicket. Parvez Hussein struck the first blow, removing danger man Andy Lloyd with the score on 8 thanks to a great 1 handed catch by yours truly :) Wajid Khan then kicked into gear and bowled a fantastic spell of 8 overs taking 3 wickets for just 7 runs. Bilal Tayab and Zero Munir then bowled tidy spells but were thwarted by a dogged and at times frustrating partnership between Raj Coomar 3 of 76 balls! and G Furlong 20(46). The introduction of Mo Tayab and Dan Mulkeen Jnr brought about a quick end to the innings taking 2 for 2 and 2 for 1 respectively.

The Catholic Club innings went well with David Willmore 14(30) the only loss (at least he didnt get bowled leaving it). Mulkeen Snr in his first game of the season helped himself to a fine unbeaten 28(36) helped out by Subby Shah 4(18 )


Westleigh innings

A Lloyd           C. Mulkeen J B. P Hussein  5

S Ralph                                B. W Khan      2

C Ralph         C. Mulkeen J B. W Khan      7

A Atkin          C. S Shah      B. W Khan      4

N Coomar     C. M Tayab    B. Mulkeen J  3

J Taylor         C. W Khan     B. Z Munir      3

G Furlong                            B. M Tayab   20

A Atkinson                          B. M Tayab     0

D Standish        NOT            OUT             0

P Ralphs      C. B Tayab    B. Mulkeen J  0

                                          EXTRAS         7

                                          Total              51

Bowling           Overs   Maidens   Runs  Wickets

P Hussein         6            1             16        1

W Khan             8           4              7         3

Z Munir             7            0             13        1

B Tayab            6            2             12       0

M Tayab           3            1              2        2

D Mulkeen J    1.4          0              1        2

Catholic Club innings

D Willmore           C. N Coomar     B. A Lloyd      14

D Mulkeen S             NOT                 OUT           28

S Shah                      NOT                 OUT            4

                                            EXTRAS                   7

                                            Total                        53/1

Bowling                      overs   maidens Runs   wickets

C Ralph                       2           0             7          0

S Ralph                       4           0            16         0

A Lloyd                        4           1            10         1

J Taylor                       2           0             5          0

P Ralphs                     1           0             2          0

A Atkinson                  0.3        0             11        0


Tottington Away

Posted by Dan Jnr on April 21, 2014 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Catholic Club got off to an emphatic start to the season with a cracking win over old rivals Tottington.

After losing the toss in his first game as captain Mulkeen Jnr's side were asked to bowl first.

This proved to be a costly decision from the Totts skipper, as Mo Tayab and Wajid Khan ripped through the Totts top order and had them under pressure from the word go. Only Russ Brooks offered any real resistance with a well made aggressive 45no from his teams total of 78ao.

Catholic Clubs reply got off to a shaky start losing their top 3 batsmen all in single figures thanks to some good tight bowling from Asif Iqbal and Rick Carr, Before Danny Mulkeen Jnr put the bowling to the sword hitting 51(40) of the remaining 62 needed to win the game, he was helped ably by Mr Old as Dirt himself Derek Whitehead helping himself to 9no

Totts innings

K Coe              Ct    B. W  Khan  6                                                                                                              

N Marsh                  B. M Tayab 0

R Brooks         NOT OUT           45

N Butterworth         B. M Tayab  3

R Carr             Ct    B. W Khan   7

S Marsh                  B. M Tayab  3

I Hayes          LBW B. M Tayab  2

S Brooks                 B. M Tayab  0

M Watts           Ct    B. W Khan   7

A Iqbal                     B. M Tayab 0

C Brooks                 B. M Tayab  0

Total 78/10

Bowling      overs    maidens   runs  wickets

M Tayab      14           4            26        7

W Khan        13          1            48        3

Catholic Club Innings

D Willmore                    B. R Carr  6

M Shahid               Ct    B. R Carr  5

S Shah                   B. Butterworth 2

D Mulkeen Jnr        NOT OUT      51

D Whitehead          NOT OUT       9

Total 80/3

Bowling         overs    maidens    runs    wickets

A Iqbal             6            0             18         0

R Carr              5           0              26        2

N Butterworth  2            0              11        1

I Hayes            2.2         0              19        0

R Brooks         1            0                1        0

New Season

Posted by Dan Jnr on March 28, 2014 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

New season on its way, lots of change!

Website has a new look and will be updated weekly! possibly!

Team has a new sponsor in THE FISH AND CHIP CO. which includes team kit for the first time in our history!

On the pitch its all change as well with Dan Mulkeen Jnr taking over captaincy and David Willmore taking up the vice captaincy role